From 10 Thousand to 100 Million

Nissin Precision is your ultimate solution for all your metal stamping and critical wash component requirements. We offer a wide range of comprehensive metal stamping production and assembly services, catering to everything from small and simple parts to large and intricate assemblies. Whether you need a few thousand or several million parts and assemblies, we have the capacity to meet your production quantity needs with efficiency and precision.


With state-of-the-art equipment, including progressive and transfer presses, we excel in producing intricate components with exceptional accuracy. Our experienced engineers work closely with clients to optimize the process, ensuring efficient production, cost-effectiveness, and consistent quality.
TOX connection

TOX® Locking

Our skilled technicians utilize advanced equipment and precise techniques to ensure reliable and consistent clinch-locking results. By forming a strong interlock between mating parts, our clinch-locking solutions provide a secure and long-lasting connection that withstands demanding applications.
Metal piece with tapped threads

In Die Tapping

We excel in producing accurately threaded components with exceptional efficiency. Our skilled technicians leverage advanced techniques and rigorous quality control processes to ensure consistent threaded results. From standard threads to custom specifications, we have the expertise to meet the unique threading requirements of diverse applications.
Nissin team member working on stamped metal part

Comprehensive Contract Stamping Services

Our contract stamping services encompass a wide range of tooling options, accommodating both small and uncomplicated single-hit dies as well as large and intricate progressive dies. Our extensive inventory includes progressive dies with over 20 stations, spanning up to an impressive length of 156 inches (13 feet) and a width of 60 inches (5 feet). We also work with Advanced High Strength Grades.

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Our Materials

We are experts working with various part materials, including aluminum, low carbon, stainless steel, copper, and Advanced High Strength grades.

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