Our Services

From 10 Thousand to 10 Million.

Nissin Precision is the answer to all of your Metal Stamping and Assembly needs. We can provide a vast array of metal stamping production and assembly services which range from simple small parts to very large complex assemblies. Production quantities commonly range from 10 Thousand to 10 Million for Parts and Assemblies.




Resistance Welding


Clinch Locking

Large and Complex.

Our contract stamping services produce products utilizing tools ranging from relatively small and simple single hit dies on up to very Large and Complex progressive dies. Some of the progressive dies in our inventory have over 20 stations with a footprint of up to 156 inches (13 feet) in length and 60 inches (5 feet) wide. We are accustom to working with many different types of part materials such as Aluminum, Low Carbon andStainless. We also work with Advanced High Strength grades.

Highly Automated.

Our Stamping and Assembly processes are enhanced by our highly automated Resistance Welding Cells and are supported by our In-house Engineering and Tool Room.

Please feel free to Contact Us to see how we can address your stamping and assembly needs.